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RoboTask 9.0 Snoopy Installer torrent

Virus free RoboTask 9.0

RoboTask 9.0


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A nice utility that can fully automate any of the actions on your computer. For example, he knows how to check emails, back up files, etc., who has enough imagination to download RoboTask below.

Creating a new task is quite simple, after which you can edit, delete and use the search. This software will allow you to quickly run the necessary programs and open documents, copy files, work with folders, etc.

To summarize:

You can automate repetitive processes on your computer. You can run programs at specific times, copy files between folders, paste blocks of text into documents, or shut down your computer after you finish a task. You can also back up individual files or entire directories. In this tool, create a new task and select the action you want, clearly sorted by category. You can also define variables for the process or determine how the program should react if an error occurs.

License: ShareVare


Size: 172 MB

Operating system: Windows k64

How to install:

1). Instructions are included if required.

2). That’s it, over

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