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CODA 2021

Gloucester, Massachusetts. As the child of a deaf adult and the only hearing person in the family, high school girl Ruby Rossi always has a lot to do. Naturally, trying to adjust to the hard work on his father’s fishing boat, school work, social life, and family expectations can become too much for a teenager. But did her parents know Ruby likes to sing? When Ruby enrolls in the school choir, singing becomes a passion and suddenly a talented young girl finds herself at a crossroads: will Ruby spread her wings and follow her dreams, or will she have to fight every day as a proud member of the Rossi Clan? Nick Riganas

This video is an attempt to consider livestock. To bring us closer to them. See the beauty and challenges of their life. Not in a romantic way, but in a real way. This is a film about the reality of the dairy cow and in recognition of its great service to us.

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